Elegant Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bag

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bag from the brand’s Cruise 2015 Collection. The Cruise 2015 collection officially launched on November 14, 2014. The Twist bag’s shape was inspired by the Trapeze clutch and features a flap front with chain handles. It has a new LV logo which serves as a closure, it comes in Silver Palladium or Gold, depending on the color of the bag. The bag has a spacious interior as it has a waved base. It has an inside pocket with a removable mirror.

Presented during the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, and new colors have been revealed for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, the new Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bag. It’s aggressive and deceptive, here’s why.

First look: ‘Ah what a tiny bag’. Tiny? Well, it’s not really true, this chic little handbag has a secret, it’s roomier than it looks. The clever design ‘wave’ base creates an extra space for storing anything that you consider as ‘necessities’. A small bag that can store more essentials, I can’t name a better companion for your night outs.

The lines are inherited form the famous Trapeze Clutch, the Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bag is actually the retro (and updated) version of the signature turn-lock bag.

The most notable is the LV signature made on the front, it will attract more eyes than you handle. A true statement maker, a perfect addition to any outfit you wear. The metal closure has a modern and architectural feel, it’s rendered with a 3D bombe effect.

You can open the bag through a single smooth twist fits the letter ‘L’ into the ‘V’, with a satisfying click. An accessory that’s cleverly designed deserves our standing ovation. Then it comes with a strong chain that can be used to wear cross-body or just hanging on your shoulder, hands-free, while you’re shopping.

Edie Campbell for Versace spring 2017.

If we had to describe the Versace woman in three words to an uninitiated third-party, we’d probably go with “sexy,” “daring” and “badass.” So when the brand unveiled its spring 2017 campaign on Wednesday, starring Edie Campbell and Anna Ewers in the Kentucky countryside of all places, it was, well, unexpected to say the least.

Versace SS17

The Italian house’s spring 2017 collection featured sporty silhouettes and heavily atheticwear-inspired pieces, playing up the modern “power woman” theme it’s latched on to in recent seasons. “This is a collection about the dynamic moment and the freedom of the Versace life,” Artistic Director Donatella Versace explained in a press release; at her Milan runway show back in September, she referred to sportswear as “the future of fashion.” With that in mind, the campaign’s locale suddenly makes a lot more sense. And who better to photograph models in the great outdoors — and with farm animals — than one Bruce Weber? The American fashion photographer began working with Versace nearly two decades ago, and shot the brand’s fall 2016 campaign (and accompanying film) set in Chicago. If the past two seasons are of any indication, it looks like the duo is here to stay. “There is no one I know who can capture that spirit and energy like Bruce Weber,” said Versace.

versace ss17 1

In one of the campaign photos, Campbell, stands barefoot on the back of a horse, her green and purple coat flying wildly behind her in the wind. Another picture shows the 26-year-old together with her German colleague Anna Ewers in black and dark blue tunics with a black horse.

The campaign encapsulates the freedom and dynamism of summer, the active mood that is at the heart of Versace SS17 for both men and women,’ said the brand in a statement.
‘This is a collection in which everything revolves around the dynamic movements and freedom of the Versace- Life is turning’, explained Donatella Versace in a press statement. ‘I do not know anyone who can capture this spirit and energy like Bruce Weber,’ she added.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Louise Air V Quilted Bag

We’ve previously featured the Louis Vuitton Pochette Louise Air V Quilted Bag and we’re doing another post because we believe it deserves some love and attention. So ladies, here’s another feature but this time we’re going to take a closer look at this beauty!


The Louis Vuitton’s Airy V Pochette Louise Bag is the perfect feminine bag companion! For LV lovers out there, the Louise Bag is not a new bag and in fact it has been around for quite some time. This time around, the French designer house reinvented and gave it a classic twist by adding an Airy V embossed finishing, reminding V of Vuitton.


This latest LV bag features an airy V embossed finishing, reminding V of Vuitton. To achieve this illusion, smooth leather has been embossed witha thin foam backing, securing a light padded result. It might be easier said than done, and we are betting that it has undergone a rigorous process to produce such a beauty!


Ever wonder how they were able to make this design? Well, the secret was laid open. Louis Vuitton made use of smooth leather that has been embossed with a thin foam backing, thus ensuring a light padded result. Despite its size, women shouldn’t feel intimidated at all as it still offers a great capacity of storage while its delicate and striking chain allows an elegant shoulder carry.

Made from embossed calfskin, it features a tone-on-tone edge dyeing, and microfiber lining. Aesthetic wise, it also has a signature LV clasp and gold-like chain for shoulder carry while its interior offers an inside zipped pocket and inside flat pocket.




Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag replica

It actually happened to be thinking of a Neverfull Louis a few days ago and guess what? I just received an email regarding a few Louis Vuitton knockoff handbags purchase and amongst them, there was this cute Neverfull in Monogram and I was like: “really? I have to write about it, it’s a sign!” Well, that doesn’t make it necessarily a good story, but I believe it’s still worth telling since I found it to be pretty funny no matter what.

If you have always wanted to have a replica Louis Vuitton handbag that will forever leave an imprint in your heart, wardrobe and style, then you need to seriously check out the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bags Replica. As long as you like high quality, luxurious style and famous LV elements, you will not want to forget about the Neverfull.

Notwithstanding this style only becoming most popular now, the louis vuitton neverfull tote replica was really released in 2007. Even if it seems like no one knew – honestly. It has now become one of the most popular styles that have the brand thriving, and the colours that this bag comes in is certainly one element that you can’t forget.
Vibrant yellows, blues, pinks, greens, purples and anything else that you could possible imagine can be found in the Neverfull tote. If it is a tone that is vibrant and lively, then you can find it. Oh, and did I mentioned that aside from the pretty colours, you are able to also get this replica Louis Vuitton handbag in the monogram that is a classic statement? Yup! You can get the Neverfull Tote GM in monogram, which is the largest of the bunch and probably the chicest as well! The possibilities are incredible!

You don’t even have to have more than one replica Louis Vuitton handbag styles. You just need the Neverfull – and 500 versions of it. Hunting for the perfect bag is taken care of. Boom!
I completely understand why the replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull is one of the most sought after bags; it represents everything this brand is about: simple sophistication and the perfect combination between elegance and functionality. It is durable, flexible, roomy and stylish all at once. One of the best tote bags you could wish for!

Louis Vuitton Kimono Dark Red replica bag

While considering LV, what like timeless, trendy, classy, superb and so on plus LV moving luggage, hurry into my ideas. Anytime Lv launches cheap Hermes Kelly 32cm bags new collection, people can almost always find their faves. Generally, I am capable of finding excellent totes among the new designs. Lv 2010 is not any exception. Lately, LV released numerous rather Louis Vuitton Tote Bags Replica in Damier Ebene Canvas. As well as, since their debut, their timeless design and rather affordable attract our eyes. I deem it’s unnecessary presenting Louis Vuittons impeccable craftsmanship and superior design, so are you going to cheap Gucci Card Situation which means something all upon choosing a bag. Let us go to the LV Damier Ebene Canvas Verona PM, among Lv shoulder bags that well-loved with a mount of people.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Louis Vuitton Kimono Dark Red replica bag is absolutely stunning. The split red coloring makes a bold statement and is absolutely perfect for the holidays. If you were looking for Christmas themed replica handbags, this one would be an excellent choice. Rocking red all year round is just fine, but this deep cherry toned red is sure to turn heads at any holiday party. Also, it’s combined with the monogram canvas, and the result is very stylish. My favorite part of this bag is the pop of gold in the V. Hardware always give an edgy touch, and the golden one is timeless.


It’s generally known the title of every single kind of LV has a history. Also, this is true this LV Damier Ebene Canvas Verona. An urban area in Veneto, Verona might be the 2nd most populated town in the region and replica LV Monogram Jeans handbags the next of North-East Italia. Due to its artistic heritage, several annual festivals, shows, and operas, such as the lyrical season if this involves, the standard amphitheatre built with the Romans, Veneto is probably the primary tourist locations in northern Italia. Travel might be the eternaltheme of LV which is why why that many Louis Vuitton Tote bag named if you do tourist locations all over the world. I’d like cheap LV bags but it is so obscure it.

If you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you could still get some good discounts if you’re watching replica websites. For every Christmas shopping fake bags are a must, at least in my case. You can always use an extra handbag. These are the accessories every woman should own. If you too have a weakness for them and you must get as many luxury bags as possible, the Christmas deals are what you need.

The better and better Chanel Boy bag

As a modern, more edgy take on the original Chanel flap bag, the Chanel Boy bag is one of Chanel’s most sought-after bags. Its structured lines and pronounced hardware have made the Chanel Boy bag forever recognizable. Countless celebrities and trendsetters including Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Elizabeth Olsen have been seen carrying this iconic bag.

The super-popular Chanel Boy Bag and the new-but-coveted Christian Dior Diorama Bag have a lot in common. The bags are both fairly new marquee additions to their respects brands’ lines, likely intended to appeal to a younger audience that might find their respective’ brands legacy offerings a little too ladylike. They also have similar structures and shoulder straps, but there are some noteworthy differences.

The Boy Bag, despite being a little edgier than the Classic Flap, does tend to have the sense of traditional luxury to it that generally characterizes Chanel bags. By the same token, the Diorama skews considerably more futuristic, which is Raf Simons’ general preference in interpreting Dior’s enormous aesthetic legacy. The bags have functional similarities, but the brands have chosen to take them in two distinct directions.




In this Bag Battle, it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite overall; my preference comes down to the two specific versions of the bag being compared at any given time, and since both come in many sizes, leathers, colors and finishes, there are a lot of possible answers.

My favorite Louis Vuitton bags: LV Pallas and Handle Pochette LV

This gorgeous arm candy is part of the new generation of Louis Vuitton monogram replica handbags. It combines the classic monogram canvas with a structured shape. The result is a chic, fun Louis Vuitton that is an asset in anyone’s bag collection. It can be worn with casual and elegant outfits. Either way, it will look amazing and add style.

This Pochette Metis is a sophisticated shoulder bag. It features a long strap allowing you to carry it on your shoulder or cross-body. Besides the monogram canvas, you can also find some vachetta leather elements. One of the is at the closing , one on the handle and on the sides. Its hardware is golden brass and on the inside, you will find brown microfiber lining. It’s a compact bag, but it has plenty of space. It definitely is one of the fake Louis Vuitton purses one must have.

The Pallas Chain bag is a classic. It combines the iconic monogram canvas with smooth leather in a bright color. Also, it features a golden shoulder chain and hardware and a two-way zipper. It has a beautiful design and the pop of color gives it a modern twist. If you love Louis Vuitton bags, especially those that feature the monogram canvas, this LV Pallas clutch will make a great addition to your collection.

The material and shape are two other details to pay attention to. The Pallas Chain bag from Louis Vuitton has a soft shape with pleats on the sides. There are some LV bags that are made from a single piece of material. So, that is why some bags feature the upside down monogram details. The Pallas is one of them, so the monogram elements of the back should be upside down. What matters is the pattern not to be titled. The stitching has to look neat as well. The canvas and the stitching look alright, but I’m not sure that the leather is genuine.

Gucci Hobo Bags Replica

You should choose a designer inspired purse with a short strap or a hobo bag that ends above the hips. A handbag that falls on the hips will draw attention exactly to this area and you don’t want to happen!
If you have a full or curvy lower bottom look for handbags that visually add volume to the upper part of your body like clutches that can be tucked under your arm, short-strapped shoulder bags, long-strapped structured bags and satchel bags.

The same goes with this Gucci Hobo Bags Replica . The simple design makes it special but the slide flap closure with embossed Gucci trademark, the leather tassels and detail is what makes these replica handbags noticeable. The chain strap is detachable and it also has a leather shoulder panel for extra comfort. The interior it’s very roomy and you’ll also find one zipped pocket and 2 smaller open pockets for your phone and keys.

These Gucci Hobo Bags Replica are great for any business women. By choosing a rather simple bag, it allows you to play with your accessories better and highlight any other item you want. By matching these black replica handbags with a pair of bold colored replica shoes and a nice scarf, you have a complete outfit for a successful work day.

Elegant Gucci Diaper bags replica

Handbags are an important fashion accessory for both men and women. Every day, lots of new handbags are created by talented designers. Therefore, the trend of handbags changes quickly. If you are a fashionista and a fan of Gucci Diaper Bags Replica, you probably will get frustrated with this frequently changing trend of handbag because soon after you buy a Gucci handbags there are new ones appearing in our website . No one can bear this. What’s more, Gucci handbags are known for their amazingly high prices in the world, so no matter how rich you are, you will definitely go bankrupt if you want to keep pace with the fashion trend. Buying a Gucci Diaper Bags Replica in our website is your right choice.

Gucci Diaper Bags Replica

Today cheap gucci diaper bag replica design has the characteristics of timeless style and grace. Few other brands can match with Gucci brand of its fitness and sheer variety. Gucci handbags have become a must for a fashion girl. Double G logo and bright red and green combination are the symbols of Gucci brand. And also they are the classic design of Gucci brand. All the Gucci products have the classic Gucci logo on the surfaces of them such as Gucci Replica Handbags, Gucci handbags spring summer, Gucci wallets etc. replica Gucci Handbags Online will make some changes apart from its classic edition of Gucci handbags.

I always recommend the fake bags that I purchase and also I give recommendations from the trusted replica handbags websites, so I hope I helped you today. For moms or future moms, these Gucci handbags replica luxury are a must-have!

A colourful replica C de Cartier

The Maison de Cartier started out as a jewelry maker. It was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. This luxury brand is better known for its jewels and watches. It was referred to as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers”. So you can understand how high class and exquisite the creations of this house were. The first Cartier watch was launched in 1911. The first leather collection of the Cartier house was launched later on, in 1974.

Perfect Replica Cartier

The most recent one is the C de Cartier. I must say I just love the design. It’s amazing! I think it’s one of the hidden gems from the world of high-end brags. The bags in this collection are made in Italy and they look amazing. The design is simple and timeless. These bags have a wonderful Taurillon leather exterior that’s embellished with palladium-tone hardware and silver colored Cartier signature hot stamp. It has two spacious pockets so it’s also very practical.

love all of the colors these bags are available on. But if I were to choose the colors I would like to own a great replica Cartier bag on, I have some preferences. I have a crush for two of the hues the C de Cartier bags are available on. I may be influenced by the Pantone colors of the year. Maybe seeing them all over has made me like them even more than I already did. Coincidence or not, I would choose the pink and the blue-aqua bags.

Perfect Replica Cartier

The C de Cartier collection is simply gorgeous. The design of the bags is simple and timeless. These bags are made from beautiful Taurillon leather embellished with palladium-tone hardware and the discreet Cartier signature hot stamp. Even though it’s simple and you couldn’t say it’s a statement bag, it’s a model that’s wished by many women that have seen it. Since we cannot find Cartier replica bags made after these models, we can at least find something similar. I chose a few simple designs that have at least something in common with the C de Cartier bags.