Two Ways For Repair the Warm Handbag

The safest way to remove an oil based stain from suede or other porous leathers is to use cornstarch or talcum powder. Pat your chosen powder over the stain and let it sit overnight. In the morning, brush off the powder. It should have absorbed the oil. More than likely you will have to repeat this process over the course of several days for stubborn stains.

It’s a pretty well-known trade secret among dry cleaners that dry cleaning solvent is basically chemically the same as lighter fluid. While the smell (and volatility) of lighter fluid may make you think twice about using it, if you have a cloth handbag with a really stubborn oil-based stain, it can be very effective. Always start with a spot test in an inconspicuous area of the bag lighter fluid can leech color from certain fabrics. Once you’ve established that your fabric is color-fast, blot the lighter fluid directly onto the stain with a cloth and rub lightly. Once you’ve done this, let the garment sit for 10 minutes, then throw it in the wash. If possible, wash the garment with hot water.

And of course it should go without saying, if you smoke you should refrain from doing so while you are dousing fabric with lighter fluid. Obviously.

A recent incident involving an exploding tube of hand cream and the ivory suede of a favorite spring handbag reminded me that it’s been a while here on the blog since we’ve discussed the care and maintenance of your prized handbag collection. Summer is right around the corner after all, and there are no conditions quite like warm weather conditions to bring about some of the messiest handbag disasters out there. Lipsticks and glosses melt, those tubes of sunscreen always seem to leak, and that ziploc bag containing your lunch sandwich that’s leaking mayonnaise all over your bag sure seemed like it was sealed when you left for the office, but now? Not so much.

So let’s jump straight in. Because most warm weather handbag messes involve some sort of oil-based product (lipgloss, sunscreen, etc), today’s guide will focus primarily on removing oil-based stains.

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The high price tag of a designer bag isn’t always feasible for the average consumer, but a replica bag can incorporate the features you love about the high-end designs, without the cost. Keep in mind that replicas aren’t pretending to be designer bags in order to trick consumers; they are merely inspired by them.

You can find designer replica handbags at several stores. Some replicas are designed to look so much like the designer bags that they look like the real deal at first glance. Others are loosely based on designer styles but in many cases, more than a quick glance will reveal that they are, in fact, merely inspired by a major fashion house’s creation. Choose from styles that are designed to mirror higher-end bags or just try for one that loosely resembles some of the designer options out there that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Other styles look like those from Gucci, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and more. Overall, the reviews of Ali Express handbags are positive, but some reviewers report receiving crumpled products while others say the colors aren’t what they expected (reviewers also frequently include pictures with positive and negative reviews, so you’ll be able to see more examples before making a decision to purchase an item).


Miu Miu Madras 1

The handbag is a perfect size for a lunch with friends, a walk in the park or a wild night in a club because you can easily store your essentials and there’s room for more. The versatility and the contemporary feel of this amazing handbag really bring out the best of your outfit. It is also a very functional piece as it allows you to organize your items in the three twill-lined compartments. Besides that, its versatility comes from the fact that you can easily use the detachable shoulder strap for those days when you want to make sure that you have something easier to carry or those nights when you need to look sharp and elegant.

Miu Miu Madras 3

The handbag has been carefully crafted with lovely goat white leather as well as silver hardware that goes extremely well with the rest of the colour accents on it. There is also the designer plate located on the front part of the handbag as well as fully lined in black twill. The twist lock fastening front flap allows you to be sure that every valuable inside the bag is safe and sound.

A very elegant and quite charming handbag, this Miu Miu Madras might not be as glamorous as other Miu Miu bag but it certainly does a great job in making a woman feel extremely spoiled and in the center of attention. The handbag has the perfect size, not too big, or too tiny and has been popular among a lot of celebrities that are known for their great style.

There are very few handbags out there that manage to have an office look without being too serious. Most office handbags either are huge in size or come with boring colours and designs, putting off anyone who might want to have some fun after work.

Fortunately there are some handbags that are just perfect for any activity without looking too casual during formal situations. These handbags are preferred by women who love to go out after work and don’t really want to spend a lot of time changing their accessories or their clothes into something more casual. The Miu Miu Madras seems to have been created for this exact purpose: a woman who wants to look elegant at a business meeting as well as feel appropriate in a pub just after work. It allows for women to carry their essential items at work as well as be comfortable afterwards.


Linea Pelle is another trendsetter leather goods fashion company from Italy, Milan. And like all italian leather handbag manufacturers, these handbags have already their place in luxury purses market. Beautiful soft leathers, great functionality and trendy designs make these handbags one of the top brand purses.

In the year 1981, Linea Pelle was established, and during that time, most of the company’s attention was devoted to providing trendy casual belts, handbags made of leather, as well as other kinds of small accessories made of leather, like for instance belt buckles, cuffs, and even key chains. There is no doub that it was able to attain success and these days, almost all the fashionable celebrities have their own accessory from Linea Pelle, regardless if that may be a belt or even a one of a kind bag that really looks beautiful.

Buying Linea Pelle bags on sale is the opportunity to buy genuine designer handbag at cheap price. Company’s annual sale happens at the end of the season when some of the previous collection bag models are sold at much lower price. Leather hobo, leather tote or leather shoulder purse – all of the styles and shapes are executed from top quality materials. On the purse sale don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get the leather designer handbag at lower price.


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Flowers are preparing to bloom and the weather is beginning to get a little bit warmer. Okay, maybe not quite, but it is definitely getting to that time of year. Yes, we’re talking all about spring style today, and with the hautest trends said to hit the shelves of your favourite stores, we have picked out the best replica handbag that will be the epitome of style for the spring season.

Saying that a specific brand is the epitome of trends specific to a season is a risky thing to say, but I am willing to take that risk. Although any replica Miu Miu handbag in the collection may not be exactly on the trends of spring, I can certainly say that the majority of them are… Especially one Miu Miu replica handbag style in particular.

Balenciaga A6 Papier Mini Tote

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Pioneer of the cocoon coat, balloon skirt, and high-low hem, Cristóbal Balenciaga’s eponymous house was founded in Paris in 1919. Today, under the direction of Demna Gvasalia, the label integrates subversive and experimental designs with iconic house codes. Passionately followed by fashion insiders, Balenciaga continues to introduce new architectural shapes, custom fabrics, and luxe leather accessories.

Here’s Karlie Kloss, reminding us all that she is indeed a supermodel while strolling in the West Village. She’s carrying a Balenciaga mini that looks especially delicate for some reason, as if it’s actually just an origami version of a Balenciaga bag.Our photo service runneth over with fantastic handbag (and designer shoe) pics from this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards. (By the way, you guys are checking out our weekly celebrity designer shoe round-ups, yes? They are also penned by yours truly.) The CCAs are a slightly more low-key affair than your Golden Globes or Oscars, and historically, they’ve been bigger on industry cred than Hollywood glamour. In fact, they didn’t even show them on TV until 2014. But that added exposure has apparently forced celebs to up their fashion game considerably this year, and let’s just say we approve. We highly approve.

Balenciaga’s ‘Papier A6’ tote is a fail-safe option for every day. Expertly designed with expandable zipped sides, this textured-leather style opens to a suede-lined interior equipped with internal pockets for small essentials. Carry yours by the adjustable shoulder strap, using the convenient mirror for touch-ups.

The story of Replica Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton replica bags and my friend’s beautiful story. Well, that’s a promising sentence to start with. For me, it’s not that hard to find great stories about replica LV purses since all my friends ask me everything they want to know before they purchase their bags. So yes, I must say this is something I am good at, and they know it. Let’s see what this is about.

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Bags already for a long time are not just simple accessories. Designer purses have their characters, their stories and some have even developed legends. Even if you buy a mass production satchel it will tell more than you expect about you – whether you have just bought it spontaneously or for practical reasons or saved up money for month to get the designer purse.

Some purses are not only fashion, but also status and wealth symbols. There are “It Bags” like classic Kelly bag or Chanel 2.55, and then there are Balenciaga Motorcycle and Chloe Marcie purse appealing to young fashionistas throughout the world. These are quite expensive handbags, but girls go crazy trying to get the latest celebrity looks as seen on TV.

If we look back into history, then initially the handbags were carried by men – they needed a sack made of leather or something similar to carry the whatever was hunted home. The first women handbags in the traditional sense are seen in 15th century and they are more like small pockets of fabric or sacks for carrying cash, small and beautifully embroidered pouches. What is also interesting – women carried these pouches under the skirt. Only after introduction of more tight skirts, the pouches and purses became the visible accessories made of silk, satin or trimmed leather and canvas.

Designer bags are very popular with women because of their ability to mesh style, function, and class. Many celebrities today are usually spotted using a Tod’s handbag, which only proves its status as one of the leading designer bags today. Most designer bags are identifiable because of their distinctive logos, which are continually used throughout the designs. Examples of this would be the Louis Vuitton Speedy, Louis Vuitton Multicolore, Designer replica hobos and body bags, and many more. On the other hand, many popular handbags today bank on the material and form to establish a distinctive mark and style for themselves.

A new fashion season

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Every new fashion season is important for both men and women alike; designers get to unveil their latest creations and there is always one of them that gets everybody’s attention. When it comes to men, they usually prefer the latest watches but women go for something a bit bigger, handbags. A new fashion season is all about the latest handbags for women and you can expect names like Gucci,  Prada and more to be under the spotlight.

The problem about buying a new handbag is not the lack of choices but finding that perfect one which makes you fall in love the first time you see it and which you will love at least until the season is over. That is what all the great designers have in common, they make luxury handbags that have something special about them, something that makes you want to own it. Of course, there isn’t much time to get that perfect handbag because if you friend already has one, you can just cut it off the list. As time is precious, you need to know the latest luxury handbags available on the market and you can do this by going to different stores and see what they have or you can just go online and visit fashion sites.

If perfection is priceless, you can’t expect luxury handbags to be cheap. The amount of money you are willing to spend on a new handbag is also very important when looking to have the latest accessories. Some can be quite expensive but as the price grows, the chances of someone else having one decrease, so if you want something a bit more exclusive, be ready to pay a lot of money.

When buying a luxury handbag you also have to think about what you will wear it with, what outfits will show it off. Of course, you can just buy the handbag you like and then just build your outfit around it; but this is never a sure thing because you might like how the handbag looks in the store but you don’t like how it goes with any outfits that you like. It is something to consider before spending money on something you may never use.

Finding the perfect luxury handbag is never easy and it requires a lot of window shopping but once you get it right, it makes it all worth; anyway, women like shopping and they like the search as much as the result.

Gucci New Bamboo Python Handbags

Gucci New Bamboo Python Top Handle Bag:

Synonymous with luxury and traditional craftsmanship, Gucci remains true to its signature aesthetic with the Bamboo bag collection. Imbued with the label’s authentic Italian style, the Bamboo has become a design classic thanks to its contrasting bamboo handles. Made in Italy from leather, the structured design comes in an array of different colours and is stamped with the Gucci logo. Explore the collection of python shoulder bags, smooth leather totes and vibrant shoppers. The iconic bamboo accent also details zip-around wallets, purses and belts; making it even more effortless to work into your accessories line-up.
This Python New Bamboo Handbag is in great pre-owned condition. The handle is in good condition and includes a add on white/chain strap. The elegance and refinement you have always wanted to achieve comes in one single item, and this is the Gucci New Bamboo Python model. If you imagine a conservative looking snake leather patterned bag, you could not be further from the truth. The Italian fashion house has outdone its own name by creating this bag that stands out from the crowd and will certainly attract loads of compliments for you no matter the moment of the day when you decide to where it or the social occasion.
Gucci New Bamboo python top handle bag Detail 6
Perfectly suitable to accessorize your evening outfit or your business costume equally, Gucci New Bamboo Python will become your most valuable fashion accessory as well as one of your most reliable friends. As soon as you have it, you will not want to switch to other bags as this Gucci model fulfills all your dreams of elegance and style.  Its bamboo handle brings it the solidity it needs to carry everything you need all day round, but also a particular touch of style.
Are you an environment friendly person? You should know that bamboo is the most ecological raw material that can be used in a bag.
After this model was launched in the fall winter season of 2013, lots of celebrities have been seen adorning a Gucci New Bamboo Python in their hands and their style has never been doubted because of this python leather bag. So, adorning yourself with this jewel of a bag in your hands, you will be actually joining a successful line of women who chose Gucci as their icon fashion house when it comes to leather products, but also for other trendy items. Moreover, the New Bamboo comes with a Gucci quality warranty that you can certainly trust. Gucci New Bamboo Python will not disappoint you.