Céline’s Particular Mix of High Function and simple Fashion

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Maddeningly, Celine tends not to show many of its bags on the runway. We get a little glimpse here and there of where Phoebe Philo’s brilliance is headed for the season, but mostly her fans are left waiting for spy pictures to surface to get a better idea of where our money will be headed in the coming months. It’s all in the painted edges, you guys. Otherwise, this might be just a boring (but impeccable) shoulder bag that I would surely notice but might not necessarily consider buying. The neon edges give the bag a subtle but very important step toward modernism, and that’s when Philo’s at her wearable best. The rest of the bags are equally elegant, and I’ll have you note that several of them are hobos – they’re coming back, I swear.

In chic, minimalist silhouettes crafted from only the finest materials, Céline handbags remain the accessories of choice for many fashion insiders. From the animated Luggage Tote to the sleek and structured Trapeze Bag, Phoebe Philo’s designs have transformed the French brand into a virtuoso of quiet luxury and a worldwide designer favorite. Treat yourself to the best in understated elegance when you explore our collection of coveted Céline handbags.

Céline’s particular mix of high function and simple fashion make it a great choice for bags, but the spare aesthetic of many of the leather goods turned out during Phoebe Philo’s tenure at the brand makes it particularly appropriate for small leather goods, or SLGs, as members at our PurseForum call them. Along with dozens of new bags we covered last week, the brand just released its Winter 2017 lookbook showcasing over 50 wallets, card cases and beyond.

Céline categorizes many of its small shoulder bags as accessories instead of bags, so even if you don’t need one of Céline’s excellent wallets, you might find yourself enticed by a mini crossbody or clutch. Really, though, the wallets are worth a look: they’re carefully designed, uncluttered and super useful.